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Dr. Elizabeth A. Sobel

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Strong Hall 473


Sociology and Anthropology

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Missouri State University
Sociology and Anthropology
901 S. National Ave.
Springfield, MO 65897 work
Associate Professor


PhD, 2004, University of Michigan


  • ANT 125 Exploring Human Ancestry
  • ANT 240 Introduction to Archaeology
  • ANT 360 North American Archaeology
  • ANT 397 Material Culture Laboratory
  • ANT 397 Hunters and Gatherers
  • ANT 451 Field Archaeology
  • ANT 499 Internship in Anthropology
  • ANT 596 Directed Readings in Anthropology
  • ANT 599 Directed Research in Anthropology
  • ANT 490 Field Experience in Anthropology
  • ANT 550 Advanced Methods in Archaeology
  • ANT 710 Cultural Resource Management
  • ANT 720 Quantitative Methods in Anthropology
  • ANT 770 Research Design and Writing in Anthropology

Research and professional interests

  • Archaeology and ethnohistory of North America, with a focus on the Pacific Northwest and Ozarks regions
  • Native peoples of North America
  • Historical archaeology of Native Americans and African Americans
  • Anthropology of hunter-gatherers
  • Archaeology of inequality
  • Public archaeology
  • Collaborative archaeology with descendent communities
  • Flaked stone technologies

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