Missouri State University
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Kant B. Patel

Kant B. Patel




Political Science

Faculty Emeritus


  • PhD 1976, University of Houston


  • PLS 754: Seminar in Health Policy
  • PLS 763: Policy Process
  • PLS 673: Policy Analysis
  • PLS 760: Management of Intergovernmental Relations
  • PLS 315: Federalism and Intergovernmental Relations
  • PLS 101: American Democracy and Citizenship

Research and professional interests

  • Healthcare policy and politics
  • Public policy and policy process

Awards and honors

  • College of Humanities and Public Affairs Research Award, 2005-2006. MSU
  • University Research Award, 2002-2003. MSU
  • University Research Award, 2000-2001. MSU


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