Andrew B. Johnson

Campus: Springfield



PhD, 2001, University of North Carolina


  • PHI 115 Ethics and Contemporary Issues
  • PHI 342 Global Ethics
  • PHI 315 Philosophy of Religion

Research and professional interests


  • Applied ethics
  • Ethical theory
  • Philosophy of religion

Selected refereed journal articles

  • Johnson, A. B., Hathcock, D. (2014). “Study Abroad and Moral Development”. eJournal of Public Affairs, 3(3), 25. 
  • Johnson, A. B., Sailors, P. (2013). "Don't Bring It On: Cheerleading and the Nature of Sport". Journal of the Philosophy of Sport/Routledge, 40(2), 255-277.
  • Johnson, A. B. (2010). "A New Take on Deceptive Advertising: Beyond Frankfurt's Analysis of 'BS'". Business and Professional Ethics Journal, 29(1), 5-32.
  • Johnson, A. B. (2005). “Kant’s Empirical Hedonism”. Pacific Philosophical Quarterly, 86(1).

Selected book reviews

  • Johnson, A. B. (2004). Review of Noble in Reason, Infinite in Faculty: Themes and Variations in Kant's Moral and Religious Philosophy, by A. W. Moore. International Journal of Philosophical Studies, 12(2).
  • Johnson, A. B. (2015, March). Review of Consequentialism and Environmental Ethics, ed. Avram Hiller, Ramona Ilea, and Leonard Kahn. Teaching Philosophy, 38(1), 14-18.
  • Johnson, A. B. (2010, March). Review of The Agnostic Reader, ed. S. T. Joshi. Teaching Philosophy, 33(1).