Dr. William A. Wedenoja

Role: Faculty Emeritus
Campus: Springfield



  • PhD, Anthropology, 1978, University of California San Diego
  • MA, Anthropology, 1971, University of California San Diego
  • BA, Anthropology, 1970, University of Oregon


  • ANT 301 Anthropology of Religion
  • ANT 302 Psychological Anthropology
  • ANT 320 Ethnography
  • ANT 331 Peoples and Cultures of the Caribbean
  • ANT 595/695 History of Anthropological Theory
  • ANT 700 Applying Anthropology
  • Special Topics: Anthropology of Tourism
  • Special Topics: Gender and Culture

Research and professional interests

  • Indigenous Jamaican religion, specifically Zion Revival
  • Traditional healing known as Balm in Jamaica
  • History of anthropology in Jamaica
  • Community, heritage and eco-tourism in Jamaica
  • Community development in Bluefields, Jamaica
  • Heritage management in Bluefields, Jamaica
  • Environmental management in Bluefields, Jamaica
  • Terrestrial and maritime history and prehistory of Bluefields, Jamaica
  • Artisanal fishing and fishing cooperatives

Awards and honors

  • Excellence in Service award, Missouri State University Foundation, 2009
  • Honorary Member, Bluefields Bay Fisherman's Friendly Society, Jamaica, 2005
  • Excellence in Service award, College of Humanities and Public Affairs, Missouri State University, 2004