Carolyn Cardenas


Art and Design
Role: Faculty Emeritus
Campus: Springfield


Research and professional interests

  • Offers artist workshops on fifteenth century painting materials
  • Contemporary egg painting
  • Exploration of social and political themes through art (Studio Red Paint)


Awards and honors

  • Director, Studio Red Paint
  • One-person show, International Gallery of Art in Anchorage, 2003-04
  • “Lumin-nous: Contemporary Egg Painting,” 2003-04
  • Example of West Coast contemporary painting, "American Art Now" by Edward Lucie-Smith
  • "Emulations: Quotations From the Source," Riverside Art Museum
  • "California Dreamin," Fresno Metropolitan Museum
  • "Challenging Myths: Five Contemporary Women Artists," Bakersfield Museum of Art
  • "In Their Own Image," Art Institute of Southern California
  • Miniature egg tempera pieces at the Nelson Gallery of Art, Kansas City; Sung Shin University Galleries in Seoul; and Mitsui Corporation, Tokyo

Additional resources