Dr. Chloe Bolyard


School-Teaching Learn and Develop Sci
Role: Faculty
Campus: Springfield

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Missouri State University
School-Teaching Learn and Develop Sci
901 S. National Ave.
Springfield, MO 65897



  • PhD, Educational Leadership: Leadership, Culture, and Curriculum, 2016, Miami University
  • MEd, Educational Leadership, 2012, Evangel University
  • BA, Elementary Education, 2008, Evangel University


  • ELE 410 Teaching and Learning in the Elementary Classroom
  • ELE 510 The Reflective Practitioner
  • ELE 710 Elementary School Curriculum
  • ELE 711 Contemporary Issues in Elementary Curriculum
  • ELE 720 Advanced Theory and Practice in Student Assessment and Evaluation
  • ELE 722 Differentiated Instruction for Early Childhood, Elementary and Middle School Classrooms

Professional experience


  • Bolyard, C., Baker, A. M., & Rudnick, D. L. (2022). Dilemmas in asynchronous multicultural teacher education from a relational pedagogy perspective. In Huffman, S., Cunningham, D., Shavers, M., & Adamson, R. (Eds.), Opening pathways for marginalized individuals in higher education (pp. 123-146)IGI Global.
  • Bolyard, C., & Baker, A. M. (2021). “Diversity placements”: Supporting the development of socially just teachers or reinforcing negative stereotypes? Critical Questions in Education, 12(3), 189-216.
  • Livers, S., Zhang, S., Davis, T., Bolyard, C., Daley, S., & Sydnor, J. (2021). Examining teacher preparation programs’ influence on elementary teacher candidates’ sense of preparednessTeacher Education Quarterly, 48(3), 29-52.
  • Davis, T. R., Bolyard, C. S., Zhang, S.-J., Livers, S. D., Sydnor, J. , & Daley, S. (2019). A multi-teacher preparation program study of elementary teacher candidates’ self-efficacy: Analysis of participant characteristics and implications for teacher educators. The Teacher Educator, 54(3), 313-330. doi: 10.1080/08878730.2019.1615161
  • Bolyard, C. (2019). “They’re so little and yet they’re being expected to know so much”: A kindergarten teacher’s narrative of teaching in an accountability era. Currere Exchange Journal, 3(1), 31-41.
  • Bolyard, C. (2016). Paradox and possibility: Interacting with Slavin’s (1983) Cooperative Learning. Book chapter in T. Poetter, K. Waldrop, C. Bolyard, & V. Bell-Robinson (Eds.), Curriculum Windows: What Curriculum Theorists of the 1980s Can Teach Us About Schools and Society Today. Charlotte, NC: Information Age Publishing, Inc.
  • Bolyard, C. (2015). Test-based teacher evaluations: Accountability vs. Responsibility. Philosophical Studies in Education (46), 73-82. Retrieved from http://files.eric.ed.gov/fulltext/EJ1076457.pdf

Graduate Program Director

Research and professional interests

  • Curriculum studies
  • Teacher education
  • Multicultural education
  • Relational pedagogy
  • Ungrading

Awards and honors

  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Award (Nominee), Missouri Association of Colleges for Teacher Education (MACTE), 2024
  • Outstanding Graduate Mentor (Nominee), The Graduate College, Missouri State University, 2024
  • Teaching Excellence Award, Faculty Center for Teaching and Learning, Missouri State University, 2024
  • Faculty Mentor, Maroon & White Honors Banquet for Student-Athletes, Missouri State University, 2022
  • Faculty Mentor, Maroon & White Honors Banquet for Student-Athletes, Missouri State University, 2019
  • Master Online Course Recognition Award (MOCRA): Best in Interaction, Missouri State University, 2019
  • Master Online Course Recognition Award (MOCRA): Best in Assessment and Feedback, Missouri State University, 2019
  • Outstanding Graduate Mentor (nomination), Missouri State University, 2019
  • Diversity Scholar, Missouri State University, 2018
  • Certified Distance Educator, Missouri State University, 2017
  • Outstanding Dissertation (nomination), American Education Research Association (AERA) Division B (Curriculum), 2017
  • Dissertation Scholar, Miami University, 2015-2016
  • Outstanding Student Paper Award, Ohio Valley Philosophy of Education Conference, 2014

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