Michael G. Burton

Campus: Springfield



  • PhD, Agronomy (Crop and Weed Ecology), 2001, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
  • MS, Agronomy, 1994, The Ohio State University
  • MA, Public Policy, 1994, The Ohio State University
  • BA, Political Science, 1991, DePauw University


  • Soil and Crop Science
  • Soil Conservation and Water Management
  • Grain Crops
  • Forage Crops
  • Soil and Crop Management

Research and professional interests

Dr. Burton’s current research projects investigate how management choices can influence water quality and wildlife habitat suitability. For example, municipal biosolids and agricultural “wastes” (manures) provide an important source of nutrients for agriculture but must be managed in a manner that reduces risk of nutrient and bacterial contamination of surface- and ground-water. Graduate student projects at Missouri State have included the use of rainfall simulators to explore nutrient infiltration and runoff, and the effect of various forms of fertilization (mineral fertilizers, biosolids or poultry litter) on grassland vegetation and insect species composition to support Northern bobwhite quail and songbirds.