Dr. Nancy K. Keith

Role: Faculty Emeritus
Campus: Springfield



  • PhD, Management Science and Marketing Research, 1978, Purdue University
  • MBA, Quantitative Methods emphasis, University of Arkansas, 1974 
  • BS, Mathematics, University of Arkansas, 1973 


  • QBA 237 Basic Business Statistics
  • QBA 337 Applied Business Statistics
  • QBA 737 Research Design and Analysis 
  • QBA 775 Quantitative Methods in Business Decision Making
  • UHC 110 Freshman Honors Seminar

Research and professional interests

Research interests 

  • Experimental design
  • Questionnaire and survey design
  • Sampling
  • Information technology
  • Business ethics
  • Statistical applications in the agriculture, food and pharmaceutical industries

Selected publications 

  • "Adapting the Marketing Educational Environment for Multi-Cultural Millennials: The Chinese Experience," Academy of Educational Leadership Journal, 2012 (at press)
  • "Measuring Hotel Service Quality Perceptions: The Disparity between Comment Cards and LODGSERV," Academy of Marketing Studies Journal, 2012 (at press)
  • "Managerial and Peer Influence on Ethical Behavioral Intentions in a Personal Selling Context," Journal of Promotion Management,  2011
  • "Measuring Service Quality Perceptions of Restaurant Experiences: The Disparity between Comment Cards and DINESERV,"Journal of Food Service Business Research, 2011
  • "Discrimination Tests: Evaluating Context Effects and Subject Reliability Using the Switchback Experimental Design," Journal of Targeting, Measurement and Analysis of Marketing, 2009
  • "The Effect of Gender on the Importance of Business Ethics and Managerial Decisions: A Student Perspective," Delta Pi Epsilon Journal, 2009 
  • "The Relationship between Ethics Education Emphasis and College Business Students’ Perceptions of the Seriousness of Workplace Misbehaviors," Journal of Business and Training Education, 2009  
  • "Business Employee Ethical Misconduct and Managerial Disciplinary Actions: A Business Student Perspective," Business Education Digest, 2009
  • "Ethics in Advertising: Differences in Industry Values and Student Perceptions," Academy of Marketing Studies Journal, 2008
  • "A Comparison of the Ethical Perceptions of Prospective Personal Selling and Advertising Employees," Marketing Management Journal, 2008

Awards and honors

  • U.S. Professor of the Year, Carnegie Foundation, 2010 
  • Governor’s Award for Excellence in Education, 2009
  • University Award for Teaching, 2009
  • Allied Academies Distinguished Research Award, 2007
  • Dean’s Fellow in Teaching and Learning, 2007
  • Delta Pi Epsilon Independent Research Award, 2007
  • University Award for Research, 2006
  • NABTE Review Outstanding Journal Article of the Year, 2006
  • College of Business Administration Award for Teaching, 2005 and 2003